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reported near Woodbridge, NJ
top ten
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
1Connecticut WarblerCemetery of the Resurrection--North Overlook mapSat, Sep 23rd, 7:44am
1Barn Swallow (American)Cemetery of the Resurrection--Perpendicular Pond mapSat, Sep 23rd, 7:14am
1Least BitternRiver Rd. marshes and RR tracks mapFri, Sep 22nd, 5:16pm
1DickcisselRutgers Ecological Preserve mapThu, Sep 21st, 6:48am
1White-crowned SparrowGreat Kills Park--Crookes Point mapSun, Sep 24th, 4:02pm
2White-throated SparrowJohnson Park mapSun, Sep 24th, 5:02pm
17Connecticut WarblerMarciante-Jackson-Millet Park mapSun, Sep 24th, 11:19am
1White-crowned SparrowBuccleuch Park mapTue, Sep 19th, 4:30pm
2Parasitic JaegerOakwood Beach mapWed, Sep 20th, 5:30pm
1White-throated SparrowJersey Gardens Mall--Bayfront Wetlands--Restricted Access mapSun, Sep 24th, 10:22am
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
301Black-capped ChickadeeMadison, Illinois mapSun, Sep 24th, 4:00pm
249Common GallinulePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania mapSun, Sep 24th, 8:36am
178Brown PelicanPima, Arizona mapSun, Sep 24th, 5:30pm
157Sooty TernTuscarawas, Ohio mapSun, Sep 24th, 6:10pm
149Wilson's PhalaropeAnne Arundel, Maryland mapFri, Sep 22nd, 1:10pm
118Trumpeter SwanLe Fjord-du-Saguenay, Quebec mapSun, Sep 24th, 3:36pm
118Roseate SpoonbillCumberland, New Jersey mapSun, Sep 24th, 1:01pm
109Marbled GodwitHamilton, Ontario mapSun, Sep 24th, 10:43am
106Lucifer HummingbirdCochise, Arizona mapSat, Sep 23rd, 8:30am
87Fork-tailed FlycatcherCumberland, Maine mapTue, Sep 19th, 5:14pm