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reported near Woodbridge, NJ
top ten
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
1Orange-crowned WarblerErnest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve mapFri, Dec 2nd, 2:20pm
11Red-headed WoodpeckerErnest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve mapFri, Dec 2nd, 8:00am
8Western TanagerConference House Park mapSun, Nov 27th, 4:00pm
22Calliope Hummingbirdmy yard mapSun, Nov 27th, 9:55am
1Western TanagerStaten Island mapSun, Nov 27th, 9:26am
6Greater White-fronted GooseJohnson Park mapFri, Dec 2nd, 1:14pm
1Red CrossbillMiller Field mapSun, Nov 27th, 10:05am
1Royal TernMiller Field Beach mapWed, Nov 30th, 11:24am
6Pine WarblerMidland Beach mapMon, Nov 28th, 10:41am
1Cackling GooseWeequahic Park mapMon, Nov 28th, 4:00pm
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
162Yellow-breasted ChatNew York, New York mapFri, Dec 2nd, 10:58am
161Northern ShrikeFairfax, Virginia mapFri, Dec 2nd, 10:30am
141Common ScoterLincoln, Oregon mapFri, Dec 2nd, 1:07pm
139Black-capped ChickadeeMonmouth, New Jersey mapThu, Dec 1st, 10:20am
119Pink-footed GooseEssex, Massachusetts mapFri, Dec 2nd, 3:48pm
118Amazon KingfisherWebb, Texas mapThu, Dec 1st, 12:36pm
110Brown PelicanBaltimore, Maryland mapFri, Dec 2nd, 3:33pm
103Pink-footed GooseNassau, New York mapFri, Dec 2nd, 3:39pm
103Black-throated Gray WarblerBroward, Florida mapFri, Dec 2nd, 12:02pm
101Western TanagerNew York, New York mapFri, Dec 2nd, 12:44pm