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reported near Seattle, WA
top ten
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
1Snowy OwlMyrtle Edwards Park mapWed, Oct 19th, 7:15pm
25Sabine's GullCedar River mouth mapSun, Oct 16th, 10:00am
2Brown PelicanDiscovery Park mapSun, Oct 16th, 9:15am
1Long-tailed DuckDiscovery Park mapTue, Oct 18th, 8:00am
13Red KnotYukon Harbor mapFri, Oct 21st, 1:00pm
1Snow BuntingUS-WA-Shoreline-18528 Aurora Ave N - 47.7652x-122.3449 mapFri, Oct 21st, 12:54pm
2Brown PelicanEdmonds Waterfront mapSun, Oct 16th, 9:00am
1Great EgretSnoqualmie Valley - NE 124th Street mapFri, Oct 21st, 5:45pm
1Leach's Storm-PetrelEdmonds-Kingston Ferry (Snohomish Co.) mapSat, Oct 22nd, 4:24pm
1Great EgretSinclair Inlet Wildlife Viewing area mapFri, Oct 21st, 2:20pm
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
119Tricolored HeronMaricopa, Arizona mapFri, Oct 21st, 8:30am
84Black-capped ChickadeeMonmouth, New Jersey mapFri, Oct 21st, 7:31am
62Pomarine JaegerDouglas, Colorado mapSat, Oct 22nd, 9:00am
60Marbled GodwitEssex, Massachusetts mapTue, Oct 18th, 10:30am
51Brown BoobyMcCormick, South Carolina mapFri, Oct 21st, 9:37am
50Crested CaracaraAlger, Michigan mapFri, Oct 21st, 6:56pm
48Pomarine JaegerGalveston, Texas mapWed, Oct 19th, 12:46pm
47California Scrub-JayMarin, California mapSun, Oct 16th, 10:09am
39Lesser Sand-PloverMarin, California mapSat, Oct 22nd, 12:00pm
38Blackpoll WarblerOrange, Florida mapSun, Oct 23rd, 9:22am