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reported near Woodbridge, NJ
top ten
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
1House WrenCemetery of the Resurrection--Perpendicular Pond mapTue, Dec 5th, 12:22pm
5Snowy OwlGreat Kills Park, New York US-NY (40.5361,-74.1316) mapMon, Dec 11th, 9:17am
5Yellow-throated WarblerMidland Beach mapMon, Dec 11th, 11:58am
2Black-and-white WarblerMidland Beach mapMon, Dec 11th, 11:13am
2Cackling GooseSouth Mountain Reservation mapSat, Dec 9th, 7:55am
3Greater White-fronted GooseNJ, Somerset - Rutgers Blvd. pond mapFri, Dec 8th, 11:40am
1Orange-crowned WarblerRutgers University Newark Campus mapTue, Dec 5th, 1:00pm
1Nashville WarblerBufflehead Road, Bridgewater, New Jersey, US (40.547, -74.567) mapMon, Dec 4th, 1:46pm
1Black-headed GullVeterans Memorial Pier mapSun, Dec 10th, 9:33am
1Laughing GullVeterans Memorial Pier mapSun, Dec 10th, 9:33am
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
359Black-capped ChickadeeMadison, Illinois mapSun, Dec 10th, 3:22pm
292Brown PelicanPima, Arizona mapSun, Dec 10th, 12:38pm
201Red-footed BoobySan Mateo, California mapSun, Dec 10th, 3:01pm
162Northern ParulaMaricopa, Arizona mapMon, Dec 11th, 7:08am
144Red-headed WoodpeckerRoussillon, Quebec mapSat, Dec 9th, 1:31pm
135Shiny CowbirdMontgomery, Maryland mapSun, Dec 10th, 10:00am
133Hammond's FlycatcherNew York, New York mapSun, Dec 10th, 10:30am
126Calliope HummingbirdDelaware, Ohio mapTue, Dec 5th, 12:00am
123Tricolored HeronOrange, California mapSun, Dec 10th, 9:10am
123Tamaulipas CrowCameron, Texas mapMon, Dec 11th, 8:49am