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reported near Woodbridge, NJ
top ten
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
1Tundra Swansmyrna,delaware mapMon, Feb 20th, 8:30am
1Rusty BlackbirdLinden Hawk Rise Sanctuary mapWed, Feb 22nd, 8:48am
57Red-headed WoodpeckerLinden Hawk Rise Sanctuary mapThu, Feb 23rd, 12:02pm
1Glaucous GullRaritan Bay Waterfront Park mapFri, Feb 17th, 2:30pm
4Blue-winged TealWillowbrook Park mapMon, Feb 20th, 6:01pm
1Black-and-white WarblerRoselle Park mapSat, Feb 18th, 2:15pm
12Greater White-fronted GooseJohnson Park mapThu, Feb 23rd, 8:34am
4Cackling GooseJohnson Park mapSun, Feb 19th, 10:45am
2Red-headed WoodpeckerNorth Brunswick Community Park mapMon, Feb 20th, 11:15am
6Red-headed WoodpeckerGlenhurst Meadows (Warren Green Acres) mapSun, Feb 19th, 5:20pm
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
297Black-backed OrioleBerks, Pennsylvania mapThu, Feb 23rd, 7:45am
237Pink-footed GooseNassau, New York mapWed, Feb 22nd, 3:28pm
224Northern ShrikeFairfax, Virginia mapSat, Feb 18th, 8:25am
203Emperor GooseSan Mateo, California mapThu, Feb 23rd, 8:37am
165American CrowPinellas, Florida mapTue, Feb 21st, 7:20am
161Northern MockingbirdCowichan Valley, British Columbia mapThu, Feb 23rd, 11:48am
155King EiderHamilton, Ontario mapSat, Feb 18th, 2:57pm
146Northern Saw-whet OwlPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania mapTue, Feb 21st, 7:45am
139Vermilion FlycatcherWakulla, Florida mapTue, Feb 21st, 6:08pm
135Tundra SwanSocorro, New Mexico mapTue, Feb 21st, 8:00am