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reported near Woodbridge, NJ
top ten
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
1WhimbrelWolfe's Pond Park mapThu, Jul 20th, 12:00pm
1European GoldfinchOakwood Beach--tidal marshes, NW to Mill Rd. mapSun, Jul 16th, 5:16pm
1Broad-winged HawkMountain Ave. Yard mapWed, Jul 19th, 6:03am
1Common MerganserBicentennial Park mapFri, Jul 21st, 7:30am
1Grasshopper SparrowHeavenly Farms mapThu, Jul 20th, 8:16am
1Marsh WrenLord Stirling Park mapThu, Jul 20th, 8:01am
2American White PelicanEnvironmental center Lyndhurst NJ mapFri, Jul 21st, 9:45am
1SanderlingEnvironmental center Lyndhurst NJ mapFri, Jul 21st, 9:45am
1Chuck-will's-widowSandy Hook mapSun, Jul 16th, 5:05am
1Black-and-white WarblerSandy Hook mapSun, Jul 16th, 5:05am
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
273American CrowPinellas, Florida mapFri, Jul 21st, 6:08am
256Northern BobwhiteCape May, New Jersey mapFri, Jul 21st, 8:15am
229Black-capped ChickadeeMadison, Illinois mapThu, Jul 20th, 5:40am
173Little EgretKent, Delaware mapTue, Jul 18th, 1:10pm
167Fork-tailed FlycatcherOrange, Florida mapTue, Jul 18th, 7:45am
159Little GullKent, Delaware mapThu, Jul 20th, 12:00pm
148DickcisselHoward, Maryland mapThu, Jul 20th, 9:46am
125Snow GooseAtlantic, New Jersey mapThu, Jul 20th, 2:22pm
115Mississippi KiteOrange, Florida mapFri, Jul 21st, 7:34am
111Prothonotary WarblerPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania mapMon, Jul 17th, 11:45am