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reported near Seattle, WA
top ten
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
2Pectoral SandpiperUnion Bay Natural Area (Montlake Fill) mapSun, May 28th, 7:45am
1Gray FlycatcherForaging Flock Location mapWed, May 24th, 4:10pm
4Yellow-breasted ChatMagnuson Park mapFri, May 26th, 2:25pm
1Fox Sparrow (Sooty)Magnuson Park mapWed, May 24th, 7:05am
2Wilson's Warbler (chryseola)Lake Hills Greenbelt mapFri, May 26th, 12:00am
6Pectoral SandpiperMarymoor Park mapMon, May 29th, 11:25am
7Snow GooseChateau Ste. Michelle mapSun, May 28th, 9:20am
1Bank SwallowSnoqualmie Wildlife Area -- Stillwater Unit mapWed, May 24th, 7:03am
1American White PelicanTualco Loop Rd mapTue, May 23rd, 10:15am
1Bank SwallowO'Grady Natural Area mapMon, May 29th, 11:04am
reportsspecieslocationlast seen
274Northern MockingbirdCowichan Valley, British Columbia mapMon, May 29th, 5:20pm
243American CrowPinellas, Florida mapMon, May 29th, 11:00am
187Black-capped ChickadeeMadison, Illinois mapMon, May 29th, 7:01am
169Black-capped GnatcatcherPima, Arizona mapMon, May 29th, 1:43pm
160Tufted FlycatcherCochise, Arizona mapMon, May 29th, 8:00am
142White-winged DoveChatham-Kent, Ontario mapMon, May 29th, 7:00am
120Northern BobwhiteCape May, New Jersey mapSun, May 28th, 7:26am
102Lucifer HummingbirdCochise, Arizona mapMon, May 29th, 6:30pm
96Black-headed GullAtlantic, New Jersey mapMon, May 29th, 1:15pm
96DickcisselUlster, New York mapMon, May 29th, 6:46pm