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Last reported: Sun, Dec 10th, 9:10am

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
Orange, California, US
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First reported: Mon, Sep 25th, 5:14pm
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0.02 miles3 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Sun, Dec 10th, 8:10am
1.37 miles1 Black Scoter Sat, Dec 9th, 7:52am
2.37 miles19 Chestnut-sided Warbler Sun, Dec 10th, 8:46am
2.37 miles39 Ovenbird Sun, Dec 10th, 7:50am
2.63 miles4 Swamp Sparrow Sun, Dec 10th, 9:54am
2.8 miles2 Northern Waterthrush Sun, Dec 10th, 7:45am
3.33 miles4 Pacific Golden-Plover Sat, Dec 9th, 8:00am
3.33 miles1 Prairie Falcon Sat, Dec 9th, 8:00am
3.33 miles1 Nelson's Sparrow Sat, Dec 9th, 8:00am
6.58 miles1 Hammond's Flycatcher Sun, Dec 10th, 12:00pm